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Hotels in Jamaica

Grand Palladium / Lucea Hotels
Riu Montego Bay
Riu Tropical Bay Palace
Riu Club
Secrets Resort
Secrets Wild Orchid
Hilton Rose Hall
El Greco Resort
Montego Bay Sandals
Sandals White house
Doctor's Cave Beach Hotel
Holiday Inn
Hyatt Resort Montego Bay
Zoetry Beach
Hilton Rose Halll
Hilton Resort & Country Club
Iberostar Gran
Iberostar Rose Hall
Grand Bahia Principe
Gran Bahia Runaway Bay Resort
FDR Resort
FDR Pebbles
Braco Village Resort
Braco Village
Club Ambiance
Jewel Runaway Bay Beach
Jewel Dunn’s River Ocho Rios
Hedonism Negril
Royal Decameron
Royal Decameron Runaway Bay
Beaches Boscobel Resort
Sunscape Beach Resort
Moon Palace Jamaica Grande
Point Village Negril
Negril Tree House
Couples Swept Away
Sand Castle Hotel
Sky Castle
Fisherman's Point
Jamaica Inn
Crane Ridge Hotel
Turtle Beach Towers
Royal Plantation
Silver Seas Hotel
Rondel Village
Rooms on the Beach Hotel
Sea Splash
Sunset at the Palms
Caribbean Sunset Resort
Coco la Palm
Country Country
Travelers Beach
Legends Hotel
Beach Comber
Hibiscus Lodge
Fire Fly
Negril Escape
Rockhouse Hotel, Negril
Sunset at the Palms
Samsara Negril Hotel
White Sands Negril
Blue Caves Castle
Palms Negril

If you wish to make reservations for airport transfer or private taxi service to or from any of the above hotels within 24 hours; please call 1(876) 893-7950

Travel Guide

What language do Jamaicans speak?

Daina Taxi and Tours Jamaica is trying to provide as much information as possible to guide you on your visit to Jamaica Jamaica's official language is English, but Patois is the conversational dialect most Jamaicans use on a day-to-day basis. Patois is basically English and Spanish combined to form unique Jamaican words. Many Jamaicans tend to also speak quickly, which makes the Patois even harder to understand at times. Jamaicans love to show off their Patois and here are some examples of Patois phrases:

"Mi a-go lef today"
Translation: "I am leaving today

"Dat is fe mi bredda"
Translation: "That is my brother"

"Dis cyar is fe mi own"
Translation: "This car is mine"

"All a dem a me fambly"
Translation: "All of them are my family"

"She a mi bess fren"
Translation: "She is my best friend"

"How yuh nyam so much."
Translation: "How do you eat so much."?

"Tanks fe de glass of ice wata"
Translation: "Thanks for the glass of ice water"

"Im jook mi inna mi yeye"
Translation: "He poked me in the eye"

What time zone is Jamaica in?

Jamaica is located in Eastern Standard Time and does not observe daylight savings time (therefore it is one hour earlier here during the summer)

What is the temperature like in Jamaica?

Temperatures during the day basically stay the same year round. The mornings are usually in the low 80's and it will climb into the high 80's and low 90's during the afternoon. When one is in the shade, the temperature drops considerably. During the winter months (December - March) the temperature at night often drops into the low 70's. The temperature during the summer nights is usually in the high 70's.

When is the rainy season in Jamaica?

The tropical climate of Jamaica can bring rain in any month, but most rain occurs during the summer months of May - October. Rain comes in heavy downpours and usually lasts for short periods of time. We are always thankful for rain. It is what makes our country so green and lush. It is also important to our farmers. Most welcome the rain to take a break from the sun and catch up on some afternoon sleeping.

Which airport do I fly into?

If you are staying in western Jamaica it is better to fly into to Montego Bay. Eg. Montego Bay, Negril or Ocho Rios. But if your destination is eastern Jamaica , then you would want to fly into Kingston,eg. Port-Antoino, Portland or Mandeville.

What kind of clothes will I need in Jamaica?

Jamaica is the Capital of Casual. Shorts, T-shirts and sandals are all you need. Nothing fancy is needed. Bring one long pair of pants and one light long sleeve shirt in case you want to cover up for mosquitoes.

Can I use $US and should I bring travelers checks?

The Jamaican $ and US $ are accepted everywhere. Most restaurants and stores quote prices in both US $ and JA $.

How do I get around Jamaica?

Daina Taxi & Tours Jamaica provides full transportation and tour service throughout the Island.

Can I drink the water from the tap in Jamaica?

The water in Jamaica is perfectly safe to drink from the tap at the sink, but you can purchase bottled water, if so desire.

Can I get Internet access in Jamaica?

There are several Internet cafes in Jamaica, but if you bring your laptop you may be able to connect wirelesly in some hotel lobbies.

What do tourists generally do in Jamaica?

Most visitors to Jamaica, enjoy our fabulous beaches, warm waters and to forget about life for a bit. The great part about our ocean is that it is shallow, so it is perfect for children or for those who do not like pounding waves. Other more adventurous travelers like to scuba, snorkel, jet ski, parasail, go on a horse back ride, mountain bike ride, visit YS Falls, tour Black River, visit the Appleton Rum Estate, Mayfield Falls, Dunns river Falls or check out the Negril Lighthouse. But if you really want to experience Jamaica, talk to a Jamaican who you will meet on the beach. Offer to buy him a drink and ask him about life. Jamaicans are never short on giving opinions. This is something that a tourist will not experience just any were in the world.

Can I see Reggae Shows in Jamaica?

Depending on the time of the year, shows can occur almost every night.

Is there a golf course in Negril?

Yes. The Negril Hills Golf Course. It is about a ten-minute drive from Negril hotels and is an 18-hole course. Bring lots of balls, the course is built around Jamaica's second largest morass and when your ball lands in the morass, you can kiss it goodbye.

Is the Negril beach topless/nude?

Negril is a topless beach, but not a nude beach.

Can my wife shop in Negril?

There are several stores. You will find works from authentic Jamaican artists and unique products not seen anywhere else in Negril. Other than a shopping experience, there are basically two types of shopping in Negril, common tourist craft shops and duty free shopping. The duty free mall is located on the beach road and carriers all the fine jewelry and watches one could want. Craft shopping can be done in the same complex.

Is there a hospital in Negril?

Negril does not have a hospital, but there is a Minor Emergency Medical Clinic located along the beach road. There is also a doctor on call 24 hours a day. The nearest hospital is in the town of Savanna-la-Mar, about a 25-minute drive from Negril. There are several pharmacies in Negril, but bring your own prescriptions.

Can I develop film my 35mm film in Negril?

There are two film developing stores in Negril.

Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Jamaica?

Marijuana, or ganja as it is known in Jamaica, is illegal to possess, use or export. You will be prosecuted no differently than a Jamaican if caught. That said, if you still choose to smoke, be discreet, and do NOT travel with it if you move around on the island. And if asked if you want to purchase drugs, just say no.

Should I tip?

This is the most common question that nobody likes to ask, but everybody wants to know the answer to. Tipping is not required but it is customary to express your thanks for a great service, and always know it will be greatly appreciated. The second most asked question is how much tip to leave? Again, there is no rule, but most guests gives $5-$10US.

Is it possible to get married in jamaica?

Getting married in Jamaica is easy and inexpensive. You have to be on island for at least 24-hours. No blood tests are required. Either call or send an email before you arrive so we can discuss the arrangements with you. Generally, you will need to supply the following: Proof of citizenship. Bring along a certified copy of your birth certificate (one with a raised seal), which includes your father's name. Parent's written consent if anyone is under the age of 21. Proof of divorce (if applicable). Either a certified copy or original Certificate of Divorce is required. Copy of Death Certificate for widow or widower. If paperwork is not in English, you'll need to have a notarized translated copy of all documents and a photocopy of the original document. It is a good idea to courier copies of your documents to us so we can look it over and see if everything is okay. We can also pass it to the pastor prior to arrival so he can look it over. Don't forget to bring your original copies with you when you arrive just so you have a complete set of documents.

What is the origin of the country's name?

The name Jamaica was derived from the country's Arawak name "Xaymaca", which means "the land of wood and water".

When did Jamaica become independent from Britain?

August of 1962. Yep, that's right; Jamaica is only 40 years old. Young compared to America, and a complete baby when compared with European and Asian countries.

How large is Jamaica?

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island. It is 146 miles long from east to west and 51 miles at its widest point, from north to south.

Are all Jamaicans Rastas?

No, but this is what Hollywood would like you to think.

I have heard that street vendors are aggressive and will insist that I buy something. Is this true?

If you have ever been to an Italian craft market, then you kind of know what to expect. Vendors wanting to sell all sorts of wares will approach you, and you should always haggle for a good price if you are interested in the service or product. They expect you to. Remember, you are not at Nordstroms! The asking price is only a place to start not end the sales process. If you are not interested, just say No thank you and keep walking. Most Jamaican salesmen can't fathom why you would not want to purchase what they have to sell and can look at you as if you are passing up an opportunity to purchase the Hope Diamond at a bargain basement price. Remember step #2, just say No thank you and keep walking if you are not interested in buying anything. More importantly, have fun with it. I know of tourists who make a total game out of it and bargain for a good price even if they have no interest in the item. Kind of twisted don't ya think? It is widely known that Jamaican vendors run from Italian tourists because Italians know how to bargain better than Jamaicans. I once saw a Jamaican vendor simply give an Italian tourist a T-shirt just so the Italian would leave the vendor alone. Now that is what I call an expert bargainer (Is 'bargainer' a word?).

Should I rent a car?

I never recommend them, but there are plenty of car rental agencies in Jamaica, including several in Negril. I don't recommend them for many reasons; one is that cars are expensive. Also keep this in mind, you drive on the wrong side of the road, on roads less than perfect, with no street signs, and you will be so excited to be in such a beautiful country that you probably won't do a good job at watching where you are going. Oh, did I forget to mention the goats and cows that like to walk in the roads day and night? Do yourself a favor and hire a driver to take you everywhere. You will get a clean car with a/c, a driver who will double as your tour guide, and you can look out the window and enjoy cold drinks until your heart is content! For the price of renting a car, you can take a taxi anywhere in Negril, multiple times a day, and still save money over the cost of a rental. Leave the driving to Jamaicans, you will thank me for this advice.

What documents do I need to enter Jamaica?

US Citizens: A valid passport (no visa required) or an original birth certificate with raised seal or naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship AND a state-issued photo I.D. Canadian Citizens: A valid passport (no visa required) or a "Statement of Live Birth" certificate AND a valid government issued photo I.D.

Is there gambling in Jamaica?

There are no casinos in Jamaica. A number of resorts, most notably Coral Cliff Hotel in Montego Bay, have game rooms with slot machines. The only legal betting is on the horse racing at the Caymanas Race Track in Kingston.

Are ATM machines readily available and what systems do they support?

Many of the major banks in Jamaica, including Scotia Bank and National Commercial Bank are a part of the Cirrus system, so participating cards will work on their dozens of machines across the country. Bear in mind though that the ATMs dispense Jamaican dollars, so you have to request cash in the Jamaican dollar amount.

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